Water Chemistry


This 20 page section provides a background to water chemistry and its affects as applicable to ornamental fish farming, with methods for making chemical adjustments.

Contents by topic headings:

6.1 pH (hydrogen ion concentration)
6.2 Hardness
6.3 Alkalinity
6.4 TDS (total dissolved solids)
6.5 Conductivity
6.6 Oxygen (O2) or dissolved oxygen (DO)
6.7 Ammonia nitrogen
6.8 Carbon dioxide (CO2)
6.9 Softening water
6.10 Hardening and buffering water, and adjusting pH
6.11 Removal of chlorine and chloramines (bactericides) from domestic water
6.12 Clearing turbidity, flocculation
6.13 Packing and shipping

Sample pages from this section:

Page 393, from ‘Adjusting pH’ under 6.1 ‘pH (hydrogen ion concentration).’

Page 402 under 6.7 ‘Ammonia nitrogen’.


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