About the Book – Ornamental Fish Farming

After decades of breeding fish, firstly as a hobbyist and then for many years as a commercial producer, the author was acutely aware of areas of shortfall in the availability of information on how to achieve this. This book was written to address that need.

As can be seen from the full Table of Contents, the book’s coverage is vast and comprehensive. Never before has so much essential information been given in such detail. This is supported by many photographs of actual operating systems, with illustrations where these are more effective. Very importantly both basic and advanced techniques are given, written in easily understandable language. The first section of the book presents important fundamentals, such as understanding water, identifying the sexes of fish, and quarantining new breeders, to mention just three topics.

The table of contents, careful sequencing of methods, and a comprehensive index are designed to enable quick and easy access to required subjects.

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