Miscellaneous Fish Farming Techniques


This 80 page section provides 24 methods for a diverse range of activities commonly used in the production of ornamental fish.

Contents by topic headings:

5.1 Homemade broodstock diet
5.2 Hatching, harvesting and growing out Artemia (brine shrimp)
5.3 Culturing infusoria
5.4 Bloodworm (chironomid larvae), rotifers and other small zooplankton
5.5 Microworms
5.6 Vinegar eels
5.7 Mosquito larvae
5.8 Daphnia
5.9 Mystery snails
5.10 Peat extract
5.11 Spawning medium
5.12 Methods for encouraging or inducing spawning
5.13 Hormone use in spawning
5.14 Biological filtration
5.15 Biosecurity
5.16 Disinfecting equipment and tanks
5.17 Making size-graders
5.18 Constructing glass tanks
5.19 Small round tank/pond construction
5.20 Drag-net design and use
5.21 Gate-net for harvesting round ponds
5.22 PVC tools
5.23 Solar heating
5.24 Euthanizing fish

Sample pages from this section:

Pages 317 and 318, under 5.2 Hatching, harvesting and growing out Artemia salina (brine shrimp).
Page 326, from ‘Procedure for large scale infusoria culture for feeding fish in production’ under 5.3 ‘Culturing infusoria’.
Page 341, under 5.10 ‘Peat extract’.
Page 349, under 5.13 ‘Hormone use in spawning’.


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